Considerations for B2B UX Writing

What is UX Writing?

The Difference Between UX Writing for B2B Versus B2C

  • Support lengthier purchase decisions
  • Provide highly informative content that touches on integration, compatibility, and regulations
  • Speak to both users and decision-makers
  • Offer complex pricing based on realistic scenarios
  • Relate to varying scales of businesses without alienating audiences

Tips and Considerations for B2B UX Writing

  • Clarity is king. Be as clear and informative as possible when catering to a business consumer audience.
  • Focus on quality of design that strengthens your brand image and company policy.
  • Be concise and efficient. Informative content and good design are key, but too much text and too many design elements can be distracting. So use minimalist solutions as much as possible.
  • Be mindful of varying consumer segments. In other words, don’t use content or wording that excludes or alienates certain consumers. Inclusive UX design is essential today as you don’t want to exclude anyone no matter where they are located and what their limitations might be.
  • Ensure your UX writing isn’t just informative but also useful. You want your users to fully understand how to navigate your site and be able to do so with ease to access what they are looking for.
  • Make sure your CTA elements are clearly visible and easily accessed. Users should be able to quickly and efficiently take action when they are ready.
  • Clearly show off your value proposition. B2B consumers should be able to immediately understand why your brand and the product or service you are providing are beneficial to them.
  • Stick to brand voice. A brand voice that is unclear or that jumps all over the place presents a messy and unprofessional image. So make your brand voice clear and consistent throughout all content.
  • Use testimonials to build trust. B2B products and services often have a higher price point and come with greater risk, so use testimonials to show that what you are offering works and has been a success for previous consumers.
  • Provide accessible points of contact. Decision-makers and buyers should be able to easily get in contact with you at any point in their journey should they have questions or concerns. So make sure phone numbers, contact forms, chat services, or emails are easily seen.

Wrapping Up



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