7 Ways to Improve SaaS Customer Experience

What is SaaS Customer Experience?

Why should SaaS businesses pay more attention to customer experience?

Create brand relations and loyalty

New Customers are 8 times more expensive

Maximize revenue and increase the lifetime value

How to Improve SaaS Customer Experience

#1. Build Customer Success Team

#3. Collecting Product Feedback

  • Product Satisfaction Surveys: You can design a survey using Typeforms or other similar tools to understand your customers’ problems and satisfaction levels with your product.
  • NPS Surveys: Net promoter score calculates customer satisfaction and loyalty by asking them to rate your product and the likelihood of them giving your recommendation to their peers and connections.
  • Transactional emails and customer calls Surveys: You can also take customer feedback during transactional emails and customer calls by asking them about their experience and challenges they faced during onboarding and post onboarding.
  • Social Listening: You can even use your social channels and social listening tools like Brand Mention to track what people think of your brand and product.

#4. Redesign and Improve product based on feedback

  • Identify areas of improvement: First and foremost, identify the areas that need improvement as pointed out by the customer. Next, categorize these areas as “easily achievable in less time and with minimum effort “and the others as “will require time and a lot of effort.”
  • Analyze competitor advantages: Check what your competitors are doing differently and what is the USP that attracts your potential targeted market.
  • Discover the verticals that make your customer happy: Now that you have all the data you need to optimize your product and services, it’s time to start working on the problems and providing your customers with the best customer experience possible.

#5. Design Great Website User experience

#6. Channels to ensure effective customer Support

  • Self-Service Knowledge Guides: By using a cloud-based knowledge base you can ensure that your customers can solve their problems through self-serve solutions without having to depend on an agent for gratification.
  • Chatbots: The next big trend is using omnichannel chatbots and virtual assistants to provide 24/7/365 days of customer support and facilitate the buying process through chat.
  • LiveChat: You can even enable live chat on your website and application to help customers resolve their queries.
  • Email: To ensure that no email inquiry goes unanswered and your customers and prospects get instant replies, you can automate email sequences for every step the customer makes on your website.
  • Helpdesk: For resolving any technical difficulties, you can even enable a live helpdesk or automate it with the help of an omnichannel AI-powered solution.

#7. Measure Customer Support Experience



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